CrowdSourcing Websites – How Do They Work?

Crowdsourcing is the sourcing of funds or work from a large group of people. The term got it source from coining two words ‘crowd’ and ‘outsourcing’. Rather than recruiting employees for a particular task, a company will just need to advertise for the job that it wants to be done and then many people will then come in and perform the task. There are numerous crowdsourcing websites today. Since the coining of the term in 2006, many websites and companies have achieved their goals using this technique. Websites can achieve their goals by either working online or offline but in most cases online.

The primary concept of crowdsourcing is that many heads are better than one. Rather than have one person designing a particular logo for a business, it is seen by many people that having many people submit their best is a much better idea. Indeed, the best that many people can produce is definitely better than what the best person can produce. The requester of the content will have a much better variety to choose from when they use this method. Because of the popularity of this method of working, many businesses and people are turning to the design contest websites. These are websites that have perfected the art of crowdsourcing such that rather than people sourcing for what they want directly, they just contact these websites which will then let them use their platform to seek the talent they seek.

So how do crowdsourcing websites work?

Because people will hardly automatically jump into whatever you post, there are numerous websites that have established themselves as the best crowdsourcing websites. Such websites normally have a platform where you are allowed to post whatever project you have in mind. Tens if not hundreds of people will show their interest in the project. The project can be based on anything; from programming, logo designs, completing questionnaires or building a library of things like photos. There is practically no limit to what you can do with crowdsourcing.

Normally, when you post a project online, you will need to have some research. The established websites have a set out criteria that requesters of a service should follow. You stipulate what you want done, the money you want to pay for the services and the duration the workers should take to finish the job. There are still businesses and individuals that directly request the services of workers from all over the globe to bring in their skills at a fee.

The things to consider when going for crowdsourcing

There is need to define what you really want done. This way, you eliminate ambiguity and wastage of both time and money. You will also need to establish the actual amount you wish to spend for the project. Here are the tips to follow;

- Be very specific with the instructions: This means that for whatever task you want the worker or workers to do, you must give clear instructions. If it is a questionnaire for example, you should ask specific guided questions and not questions such as ‘what do you think about something’.

- Avoid being very cheap. Like any other job, the lesser you pay for work, the lesser the quality you will get. If you pay fairly, high quality workers will come forth and they will give the best services they can.

- For a crowdsourcing project such as a design contest to be successful, you must verify have a way to verify the results. This is done from the onset when you are contracting the website offering you the platform. You will need to specify the qualifications you need from the workers so as to get standard work from each one of them.

- Weigh the benefits and the cons of using the options you have. There are numerous websites but find the best crowdsourcing websites can be a challenge if you haven’t vetted what they can offer you. There are websites that are well known to offer a very good platform for articles, others logo designs and others computer programming and other tasks. Depending on the best known service a website is known for, it is wise to always pick the one that has been offering what you need. With the new way of working, you will have the best delivered to you at a very competitive price and within the shortest time possible.